Working with NTR data

The research data collected by the Netherlands Twin Registry (NTR) are pseudonimized, annotated and stored in the NTR Repository. This is a secure database that is only accessible to our data managers. Metadata (i.e. variable names, labels, counts etc.) can be consulted by researchers in the NTR Data Showcase. The Data Showcase allows researchers to create a list of variables and export it for use in a Data Sharing Request.

Researchers interested in working with NTR data can submit a data sharing request detailing their analysis plan and the variables needed.

Who is eligible?

Bona fide (inter)national researchers can request use of the data collected by the NTR. This means we can only process data requests from investigators with an academic degree equivalent to Phd/MD who use an email address representing a reputable research institute/organisation.

If you have not collaborated with NTR before, please send a short CV along with your application. Feel free to contact NTR data management to discuss the feasibility of your proposal before submitting.

Before submitting your request, we strongly recommend that you go through the checklist for submitting a Data Sharing Request, to prevent delays in the review procedure. 

Access to the data

Researchers with an approved data sharing request who abide by the rules of the European General Data Protection Regulation will receive temporary access to the NTR data for their own research projects. More information on our data sharing procedures and associated costs can be found here.

If you have any questions that cannot be answered using these resources, feel free to contact the NTR data management team.